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In support of the Black Lives Matter movement, we’re making changes to better educate ourselves and our employees in the pursuit of becoming anti-racist.

Watch the webinar recording on “Moving Towards An Anti-Racist Teaching Practice For Non-Black Educators”

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What to expect on this webinar

This informational webinar is led by Megan Nevels, an expert in anti-bias and positive school climate initiatives at K-12 schools. She’ll share tools to begin a journey towards anti-racism, and empower you to incorporate them into teaching practices.

During the first 45-minutes of the webinar, Scoot educators will learn:

  • key terms and language related to anti-racism
  • research on how racism shows up in students, teachers, and classrooms as early as pre-school
  • teaching strategies to disrupt racism in learning spaces
  • ways to respond to racist language and remarks
  • and how to best support colleagues of color in a school setting.

Following Megan’s presentation, we’ll close with an open discussion where educators can share experiences and ask questions.

Who should attend this anti-racism webinar

This webinar’s content is catered primarily to non-Black educators. We’ve heard from many Black colleagues that they are experiencing extreme grief and exhaustion during this time and that even being in mixed-race spaces right now is painful.

We understand racism is multi-faceted. Colorism is an aspect of racism and exists in communities of color. Therefore, we encourage all non-Black educators to attend this webinar to reflect, contribute, and learn from one another.

About the host, Megan Nevels

Megan Nevels is the Assistant Education Director at a leading civil rights organization, where she implements anti-bias and positive school climate initiatives at K-12 schools. A decade of leading theatre for social justice with young people led her to a career of training educators in arts integration, culturally competent curriculum, and anti-bias teaching. Prior to her current position, Megan developed successful year-long teacher training programs at the Skirball Cultural Center.

She is passionate about guiding participants through the self-reflective work of anti-racism and building the skills to disrupt systemic racism in every facet of life. Megan received her MFA in Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities at the University of Texas at Austin and received numerous local and national awards for her research.

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