Tailored solutions

Work with a dedicated Scoot consultant to create tailored solutions for your school’s unique needs.

  • Day-to-day
  • Sub bubbles
  • Total Support
  • TeachStart
  • Roles we support


  • Swift responses to last-minute vacancies
  • Free technology to manage your requests and staffing needs
  • No advance payment or minimum usage needed
  • Discounted rates for extended commitments

Access tailored support from your Scoot team Sunday to Friday, 6 am to 9 pm, ensuring swift responses for last-minute vacancies.

For extended needs, request a long-term educator for consistent learning experiences.

No advance payment required and discounted rates for extended commitments.

Sub bubbles

  • A district or CMO’s first line of defense against unexpected vacancies
  • Dedicated pool for stress-free staffing
  • Bubbles educators receive access to tailored training
  • Discounted pricing based on bubble size and duration

Bubbles provide seamless, stress-free staffing as your guaranteed bubble of educators is ready for placement at the start of each day.

Enjoy peace of mind and discounted pricing based on bubble size and duration.

Total Support

An end to end staffing solution that enhances fill rates and cut costs.

  • Integrates with TeachStart for a long-term sustainable workforce solution
  • Available nationwide with a dedicated, bespoke team for your district or CMO

Enhance fill rates, cut costs, and ensure compliance– without the hassle of managing your own temporary workforce of educators.

We build an expert, bespoke team of consultants to work closely with our district or CMO partners to create a staffing strategy that increases fill rate in the near term, but provides a long-term pipeline of talent to hire.

Total Support is the unconventional workforce solution that makes itself redundant.


Our signature earn-and-learn fellowship, with 500 substitutes on a path to a full credential.

  • Provides high quality talent in the short- and long-term: schools can hire fellows directly as first year teachers at the end of the year
  • Fellows receive additional training and support directly from TeachStart
  • Over 70% people of color

TeachStart provides access to a well-trained, reliable and diverse pool of substitutes, while creating economic opportunity for its fellows.

Because our fellows are on a debt-free path to earning their teaching credential, they can be hired directly as first-year teachers of record at the end of the year.

They receive training and support directly from TeachStart during their substitute assignment.

*Currently only available in California and Arizona

Roles we support

  • General education
  • Special education
  • Support staff
  • Admin support

Get top-notch talent to support the classroom and beyond.

Learn more about what types of educators Scoot can provide.

Partner with us across America

Partner with us across America

Forming authentic relationships within the communities we operate is at the heart of what we do.

It’s how our local teams are able to make the aligned matches that help schools achieve successful learning outcomes.

See current locations.

Don’t see your state highlighted? Scoot is rapidly expanding and your state could be our next location, just get in touch.

Getting started is easy

Reach out to a Scoot consultant today and let us match you with the perfect professionals, whether your school needs substitute teachers, long-term educators, or specialized support staff.

Step 1

Fill out a simple form

Make an enquiry by completing the form at the bottom of this webpage.

Step 2

Meet with a Scoot rep

We’ll schedule a meeting to get to know each school's needs and culture.

Step 3

Sign our 0 hassle terms

We’ll get your school ready to request a variety of Scoot personnel working in general education, special education, clerical, and supervision.

Step 4

Team up with a consultant

We'll connect you to your local point-of-contact who will guide your team through tech setup and onboarding.

Step 5

Request Scoot educators

Use our free, proprietary tech, Scoot2Book, on either mobile or website.

For urgent requests or last-minute changes to existing bookings, call your designated consultant or local office.

How Scoot can benefit your school
Why Partner with Scoot

How Scoot can benefit your school

Transform staffing challenges into opportunities for excellence with Scoot. Experience the tailored support of dedicated consultants and fill vacancies from a pool of exceptional talent. Scoot is your key to stress-free staffing.

  • Diverse candidates

    Fill vacancies with a diverse pool of top teaching talent to support great learning outcomes.

  • Full HR suite

    Let us take care of HR, payroll, compliance, and training, for a truly stress-free experience.

Why partner with Scoot

Our people-first,
tech-forward approach

Scoot's unconventional approach makes it easy to request educators and manage assignments, so you can bring the best talent to your school quickly. 


Every Scoot client gets their own consultant who is responsible for selecting which educator fills each vacancy. Our consultants are in your corner to help make sure student learning continues with a sub. They:

  • Get to know your school
  • Manage Scoot’s educators in your area
  • Match educators to vacancies for the best fit


Streamline logistics and manage educator requests easily with the Scoot2Book app.

  • Easily manage educator bookings
  • Usage analytics across multiple sites
  • Submit performance reviews
  • Quickly manage timesheets and finances

Included for all clients at no cost.


Scoot educators have access to training resources, tools, and 1:1 coaching to ensure they are always prepared and supported throughout their journey as an educator.

  • Coaching & feedback
  • Comprehensive resources
  • Bespoke training material


Our pricing is transparent with no hidden fees. Pay a flat rate per day based on type of staff requested.

Pay for what you use

Only pay when you use a Scoot edudcator. Plus, we’ll help you manage your budget.

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees
  • Budget optimization
  • Flexible, pay-as-you-go model

No onboarding fees

You’ll never be charged an onboarding fee to get your school ready to work with a Scoot substitute.

  • No onboarding fees
  • Cost-effective partnership
  • Free technology

$0 commitment

We don’t require a commitment fee, pre-payments, or minimum usage. And you can cancel anytime.

  • No commitment fee
  • No minimum usage
  • Cancel anytime

Compliant by design

Your Scoot educator is our W-2 employee, so you don’t pay an additional fee for us to handle HR duties such as:

  • Payroll and taxes
  • Liability insurance
  • Compliance issues

What people
have said about us

We take pride in the enduring impact we’ve had on numerous school communities.

“They pay attention to the details and match candidates already aligned and fit to our school’s culture and model. I’m so grateful for Scoot!”

Vanessa Garza Principal
Girls Athletics Leadership School

“Scoot provides outstanding customer services.

My consultant goes the extra mile to ensure that staffing needs are met – no matter the position, big or small!”

Edana St. Pierre Assistant School Leader
KIPP Raices Academy

“I can always connect with my Scoot team for any concerns and questions. Our students and staff have grown to love the Scoot subs and we are excited to have them join our staff permanently.”

Traci Blinn PHMS Registrar
Paradise Schools

“The Scoot Education team walks the walk.

As a team of former K-12 educators, they are responsive, collaborative, and understand the importance of cultivating an authentic partnership that keeps the students at the center.”

J. Marwan Hannon Asst. Superintendent HR & Student Services
South San Francisco Unified School District

“Partnering with Scoot has been a positive experience.

They practice open communication and provide the staff they promise. The para staff that have been provided have been of excellent quality.”

Patti Buchmiller Executive Director
Special Services
Redlands Unified School District

“Our Scoot consultants showed real eagerness to understand school needs. They made sure that long-term substitutes were actually qualified.”

Daniel Bronte-Bullard Director of Finance and Operations
Abramson Sci Academy

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