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Each Texas school district has different requirements to become a substitute teacher, also known as an associate teacher. But did you know you can become a Texas substitute teacher in just 5 steps? Scoot Education makes it easy to become a Texas substitute teacher today!

1) Send in your application

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First, you need to fill out an application on Fountain to sub with us.

You’ll answer some screening questions and upload your resume (if you have one). This is all you need to complete the first part of the application process!

We review this information to determine if we’ll move you on to the next stage so make sure to accurately complete it!

What if I only have a high school diploma?

Many Texas school districts have a minimum education requirement for their substitute teachers. But luckily, most don’t require a Bachelor’s degree!

They might require that you have at least an Associate’s degree or 60 college credit hours before you can lead teach. But fortunately, you don’t need a Bachelor’s degree in order to lead teach in most Texas school districts.

Scoot Education doesn’t require Texas subs to have a Bachelor’s degree either. But we’d like to know if you have a teacher certification!

You can get many substitute teaching jobs with just a high school diploma!

2) Go through a phone screen

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The next stage is a phone screen. Once one of our consultants reviews your application and decides to move you on to the next step, they’ll reach out to set up a call.

What is the phone screen?

This phone screen is just a quick 15-minute call to get to know you. We’ll ask about:

  • What you’re looking for
  • Where you’re located
  • Permits or credentials you might have

After hearing your answers, we’ll let you know the kind of work we have available that fits your needs.

Next, you’ll upload your Texas Teaching Certification, if you have one. No worries if you don’t!

3) Go through an interview

If you move on to the next stage, we’ll set up a virtual interview with you. This interview will be 30 to 45 minutes long and will help us get to know you a little better.

Right teacher, right classroom

Right teacher, right classroom – we stand by this. To make sure we place you in the best classroom, we need to know what school settings you work best in.

We’ll ask you about your ideal commute time, preferences for which grades you want to teach, and more!

We’ll also use this time to introduce you to our technology – Scoot 2 Work. Our app Scoot 2 Work is how you set your availability in order to show that you’re ready to work. You can mark yourself as available, partially available, or unavailable.

If you’re available and we have a position for you, your consultant will give you a call in the morning to see if you’d like to go.

Scoot 2 Work is super easy and convenient to use and your Scoot Education consultant will take the guesswork out of choosing a job by choosing assignments that work with you!

4) Get onboarded as a Texas substitute teacher

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If you’ve made it to this stage – congratulations! This means you’re very close to becoming a Texas Scoot substitute teacher.

Now, you’ve got a few things you need to submit on Fountain before moving on to step 5.

To complete:

High school diploma | no Bachelor's degree required | Great work life balance
  1. Submit identification documents
    1. This could be a Passport or a Social Security card and Driver’s License
  2. Submit vaccination card
  3. Get a background check and fingerprinting via TxDPS
    1. Scoot will reimburse you for the $40.00 fingerprinting fee – just remember to keep your receipt!
  4. Submit 3 references (you must have at least one current or previous supervisor)
  5. Submit academic transcripts
  6. Upload a copy of your unofficial transcripts (this step is only for educators who indicated having 60+ Credit Hours)
  7. Fill out your payroll information so you can get paid!
  8. Complete 3 online trainings: Sexual harassment, bloodborne pathogens, and mandated reporter via Lessonly

Once that’s done, wait until you get a Scoot welcome email to move on to step 5.

5) Set your availability in Scoot2Work

Get hired by Scoot Education | Schools need substitute teachers | Substitute teaching jobs

Your welcome email will come after your background check and reference check responses are cleared and all your information has been submitted. This welcome email means you’re officially a Scoot Education sub!

Remember, set your availability on Scoot 2 Work to start getting teaching jobs!

Setting your availability is a crucial step in the process to become a Scoot substitute teacher.

How do I get booked?

There are several ways to get booked!

Many times, schools will request substitute teachers at the last minute. This means that if you set your availability as Ready 2 Work, we’ll call you bright and early that morning to see if you’d like to fill in for the teaching assignment. These assignments are usually just for the day.

Other times, schools will send us a booking request in advance. These assignments can be a single day or long-term. If there’s an upcoming assignment, we’ll send you a tentative request on your Scoot 2 Work app. Make sure to carefully read the date, time, and location of the tentative request before accepting!

Remember: You won’t get work if you don’t set your availability.

Scoot Education makes it easy

Teach Houston | HISD substitute teaching | Associate teacher

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) gives all Houston school districts the freedom to set their minimum requirements for substitute teachers. This means that if you wanted to sub for multiple school districts, you’d need to go through the application process multiple times.

Fortunately, Scoot Education allows you to get away with only completing one application process.

If you’re interested in becoming a substitute teacher in Houston but don’t want to go through multiple application processes, then sub with Scoot!

Why sub with an agency?

Houston needs substitute teachers | Teaching children | Make a difference

Subbing with an agency means feeling supported in your work as a substitute teacher and getting benefits that subs without agencies don’t have.

Here are some of the benefits of subbing with Scoot Education:

  • Unlike other states, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) gives its school districts full control over their substitute teacher requirements. So the requirements for one district won’t be the same as another, which can really complicate things. Luckily, when you sub with Scoot, you’ll be eligible to sub for any Houston school district, regardless if you meet their requirements or not!
  • You’ll get access to your own Scoot consultant, an expert in the education field who can answer all your teaching-related questions. Whether you’re a new substitute teacher or a veteran educator with plenty of teaching experience, your Scoot consultant has your back!
  • Get exclusive access to Scoot Camp. This voluntary teacher preparation program has been designed to help educators feel prepared for success in the classroom. Through Scoot Camp, you will get access to exclusive resources from education experts, all from the comfort of your own computer. This free professional development covers three important subjects:
    • Behavior management
    • Special education
    • Trauma-informed teaching
  • Be in full control over your schedule with our app Scoot 2 Work. We have no availability minimum so you can work as much or as little as you want.
  • Enjoy weekly pay every Friday via direct deposit straight into your bank account!

Keep reading to learn how you can become a Houston Scoot sub today!

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