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We work with a variety of schools across California and are rapidly expanding which means new partner schools are being added to our network! Currently, we service the Los Angeles and Bay area communities and substitute teach in independent, charter, private, public, and religiously-affiliated schools.

Types of Schools:

Independent schools are independent in philosophy. Each school is driven by a unique mission. You can expect smaller class sizes and a wide array of offerings within the academic, arts, and athletics departments. With smaller class sizes there is more individualized attention on the students and their needs.

Charter schools are funded by the government but operated independently of the state school system it is located within. Charter schools offer families a choice other than their local district public schools. Each charter school is different and has its own mission and demographic they intend to appeal to, however, they typically exist to cater to underserved communities. It’s important for educators teaching in charter schools to have strong cultural awareness and an understanding that statistics indicate that many of the students they will be working with may have experienced trauma in their lives – to be successful empathy is a key trait. Classroom sizes are generally 20-25 in lower elementary grades, increasing to 30 and on occasion up to 35 in middle and high school.

Private schools follow the same curriculum as decided by the government. However, the method of delivery is decided by the school board. The school administrators also decide the fees and admission. Private schools vary in size but almost all have smaller class sizes to enhance the focus on individual student needs and provide more one-to-one time with their teacher(s). Often, private schools are fortunate to be able to provide outstanding facilities and access to technology, etc.

Public schools are government-run schools regulated by federal, state, and local law. Class sizes can vary depending on the school but can be between 20-35 students depending on the grade level. Strong classroom management is a sought-after skill in order to be successful in providing all students with a positive learning experience within larger groups. Public schools are diverse and generally reflect the demographics of the neighborhood they are in. Teaching methods are quite traditional within public schools, with teaching and learning very structured.

Religiously – affiliated schools are a self–identified association of an institution with a religious denomination, church, or faith. You can expect smaller class sizes and you may be asked to follow the school’s religious curriculum as well as a particular dress code. It’s not normally a requirement to believe in the religion of the school in order to teach there as a substitute, however, it is an expectation to be respectful and supportive of the values and beliefs.

Cities that Scoot Subs currently work in: 

 Los Angeles: 

  • Angeles Forest
  • Antelope Valley
  • Central L.A.
  • Culver City / Mar Vista / Venice
  • Downtown / Hollywood / West Hollywood
  • Eastside
  • Encino / Calabasas
  • Glendale / Pasadena / La Canada
  • Harbor
  • Northeast L.A.
  • Northwest County
  • Orange County
  • Pomona Valley
  • San Fernando Valley
  • San Gabriel Valley
  • Santa Monica / Malibu
  • Silver Lake / Echo Park / East L.A. / Los Feliz
  • South Bay
  • South L.A.
  • Southeast
  • The Valley – Studio City / Sherman Oaks
  • Westside

Bay Area:

  • East Bay / Oakland / Berkley
  • Marin
  • Peninsula
  • San Francisco
  • San Jose
  • San Mateo

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Scoot is still growing as a company and we are consistently partnering with new schools. We hope to provide value and opportunities to more communities in the future.