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Schools in Texas are struggling to fill their teacher vacancies and students are seeing bigger classroom sizes and less classroom support. Help your local schools by becoming a Texas substitute teacher now!

Substitute teaching is perfect if you want to:

  • Change your career
  • Start something you’ve always dreamed of
  • Make extra money
  • And for many more reasons!

If you’re wondering how to become a substitute teacher in Texas, we have all the answers for you! We’ll cover the requirements for:

  • Aldine ISD
  • Cypress Fairbanks ISD (CFISD)
  • Fort Bend ISD (FBISD)
    • If you want to substitute teach in Missouri City, you should apply to Fort Bend ISD.
  • Goose Creek Consolidated ISD (GCCISD)
  • Houston ISD (HISD)
  • Humble ISD
  • Katy ISD
  • Lamar Consolidated ISD (LCISD)
  • Pasadena ISD
  • Pearland ISD
  • Spring ISD
  • Stafford Municipal School District (SMSD)

Our ultimate guide will walk you through the substitute application process quickly and easily, just keep reading!

Want a PDF that summarizes the steps on how to sub in Texas?

Download the Scoot guide

Why substitute teach?

substitute teach in Houston now

Whether you want to be in education long-term or are just doing this in between jobs, substitute teaching can help you expand your resume and life experience.

Make a difference in your community

Substitute teachers are incredibly valuable to their school districts and students.

When teachers have to call out of work, it is the substitutes who help keep schools open.

Furthermore, even if you only see your students for one day out of the week, you become an essential person who helps keep students’ education on track.

Learn transferable job skills

Regardless if you want to be in education long-term or are just doing this in between jobs, substitute teaching can help you expand your resume.

As a sub, you will pick up on valuable career skills such as public speaking, thinking on your feet, and problem solving. These abilities can help you no matter where you go in your career.

Create your own schedule

Arguably the best part about being a sub is that you can make your own schedule. You can pick and choose which assignments you want to take on and which days you want to take off.

This flexibility is especially helpful for those with other responsibilities in their life.

Earn extra money

In addition to creating your own schedule, you can earn money on the side of your current job! Since you can choose the hours and days you would like to work, you can easily substitute teach on days you’re available.

Have fun everyday

In contrast to a regular 9-5 office job, substitute teaching comes with exciting adventures every day. Different teaching assignments can bring you to new schools, students, and peers, giving you the opportunity to learn something new every day!

Become a Texas substitute teacher

This school year, you can help Houston students by becoming their substitute teacher!

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) gives its school districts and service centers unique control over their substitute teacher requirements so the requirements for one district won’t be the same as another.

Fortunately, many Texas districts share requirements, which we’ve gathered below.

Step 1) Get your transcripts

Most Texas districts have an education requirement for their substitute teachers.

We have listed each district’s education minimum requirements below:

  • Aldine ISD: 60 college credit hours, a teaching certificate or a college degree
  • Bridge City ISD (BCISD): A high school diploma or a GED
  • Cypress Fairbanks ISD (CFISD): 48 college credit hours
  • Fort Bend ISD (FBISD): 60 college credit hours
  • Goose Creek Consolidated ISD (GCCISD): 45 college credit hours or an Associate’s degree.
    • This district will only accept a Texas State Teaching Certificate if you have a college degree.
  • Houston ISD: 60 college credit hours or a Bachelor’s degree in ANY subject
  • Humble ISD: 60 hours or more from a college/university
  • Katy ISD: 60 college credit hours
  • Lamar Consolidated ISD (LCISD): A high school diploma or a GED
  • Pasadena ISD: 30 semester hours of college credit
  • Pearland ISD: 60 college credit hours
    • This district will also accept a Texas Teaching Certificate instead of college credit hours
  • Spring ISD: 48 college credit hours or a Substitute Teacher Certification from an accredited Texas entity or Education Center
  • Stafford Municipal School District (SMSD): 60 college credit hours in addition to a high school diploma or a GED
    • If you have completed 60 college credit hours or your college degree is in a non-education related field, you must complete either package A or package B of the online sub training courses offered on

You’ll have to submit your transcripts and teaching certificate in step 3.

Step 2) Reach out to your professional references

Some of these Texas school districts will ask you to submit between 1 and 3 professional references with your substitute application. We generally recommend having at least 3 former or current supervisors’ contact information for this step.

Please keep in mind that friends and family members are NOT acceptable references to use.

You should first let your references know that the district will reach out to them!

Step 3) Complete an application

You must submit your transcripts, applicable substitute teacher certification, references and other required information through your school district’s website. Positions are only open for a limited time so apply quickly when you see an opening.

Below, we have linked each Houston school district’s website to view their application portal:

Each school district has their own qualifications for their substitute teachers in Texas and it can be pretty confusing trying to navigate them.

If you want to apply to a new Texas school district, you’ll have to submit an entirely new substitute teachers application. Fortunately, subbing with Scoot means you only have to submit one application to be eligible for all Texas substitute positions, regardless of the district!

Step 4) Get your criminal history background check

The only requirement set by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is that all substitute teachers in Texas must pass a criminal history background check. Whether you plan to substitute teach in a Texas public, private or charter school, you must complete this check.

You can’t complete this step until your school district requests it.

Once the school district makes a request, you’ll have to pay a $40.00 fee to get your background check done.

If you sub with Scoot, you’ll be reimbursed for the $40.00 fee! Just keep your receipt and we’ll add it to your first paycheck.

Step 5) Get ready to substitute teach

Some Texas school districts might request that you complete a mandatory orientation session before you are listed as an active substitute in their system.

They might also contact you to go through an interview process.

Once everything is complete, you just have to wait until you’re contacted. You’ll typically be placed on a Texas substitute teacher list and will be notified when a position opens up.

Substitute teach with Scoot Education

Houston students need subs now more than ever

Feeling overwhelmed by all these requirements?

Luckily, Scoot Education makes it easy to become a Houston substitute teacher!

Our only requirements are:

  • 60 college credits in any subject matter or an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree
  • 3 professional references including at least one supervisor
  • A completed Scoot application form which you can access below
    • You will be requested to get a criminal history background check – Scoot will reimburse this fee!

Subbing with Scoot means access to more opportunities, more school districts and more excitement!

Teaching with an agency can make your life easier

We want to make sure that you feel completely supported in your work. If you become a sub with Scoot, we’ll give you a full reimbursement for the fingerprint fee. In addition, you’ll:

  • Have access to your own Scoot consultant, an experienced expert who can answer all your questions. Whether you need help becoming a substitute or need advice when teaching, your Scoot consultant has your back!
  • Get exclusive access to Scoot Camp, our voluntary teacher preparation program that helps educators feel prepared for success in the classroom. This free professional development covers three important subjects:
    • Behavior management
    • Special education
    • Trauma-informed teaching
  • Be in full control over your schedule with our app Scoot 2 Work. We have no availability minimum so you can work as much or as little as you want!
  • Enjoy weekly pay every Friday via direct deposit straight into your bank account!

In short, substitute teachers are in high demand everywhere, making this the perfect field to start working immediately.

Apply to substitute teach with Scoot Education and you can start subbing with great perks!

Ready to sub with Scoot Education?

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