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There’s a variety of substitute teacher recruiting agencies and providers out there that educators can choose from.

Which recruiting agency you work with matters.

The people who answer the phones, support you, and connect you with jobs make a critical difference in your subbing career.

At Scoot Education, we care as much as you do. That’s why so many of our substitutes have an amazing experience when working with us.

We’re on a mission to make substitute teaching a meaningful and respected career.

With benefits ranging from free professional development to flexibility,we stand out from other substitute teacher providers for being easy and consultative to work with, putting authentic relationships over transactions, and being growth-minded.

Read on for all of the other reasons why substitute teachers choose Scoot as their staffing company!

If you aren’t a substitute teacher yet and need guidance on how to start, check out our guides on how to become a substitute teacher in these states: California | Arizona | Texas | Colorado | New Jersey | Florida | Nevada | Washington D.C.|New Orleans

1) Competitive educator pay

You’ll get paid as well as or better than any school district we operate in.

Our salaries are also comparable to other substitute teacher providers or teacher recruiting agencies, making us competitive but still allowing us to pay the highest.

Substitute teaching is an underappreciated career, which is a stigma we’re working to change. Part of that change means you receive a W-2 and a living wage.

If you want to make subbing your primary profession, with Scoot, you can!

2) Techy

Through technology, you get to enjoy quicker service and a more seamless experience.

You can quickly get through our application process, easily uploading required documents and vaccination records.

Much of our communication through this process is done through text messaging. So you’re easily notified of progress and any missing documents.

You won’t have to worry about losing important updates in a sea of emails.

We also have our own app Scoot 2 Work for our substitute teachers to set daily or recurring availability, check-in as Ready2Work, and access professional development all in one place.

The Ready2Work status gives you a chance to snag those last-minute vacancies that schools send us.

3) Flexible

You have a 100% flexible work schedule.

There are no minimum requirements and no penalties for working limited days.

Many of our substitute teachers have freelance gigs, acting jobs, and other priorities. We don’t want to restrict you from engaging in other obligations you have, and encourage you to explore other ventures when you can!

Whether you’re building an artistic career or taking care of a family, you’re free to work as much or as little as you like with our substitute staffing company.

We not only offer our subs full 8-hour workdays, but we also offer half-day assignments that are 4 hours or less. Oftentimes, schools may have partial-day requests for a substitute teacher to assist them with TK classes, afterschool programs, or other assignments.

You get to work around other obligations that may come up on a workday such as doctor’s appointments, picking the kids up from school, etc.

And the cherry on top is that you’ll have an education consultant to support you throughout your journey as a substitute teacher. So if you have any scheduling conflicts, questions, or concerns, a knowledgeable consultant is there to assist.

4) Supportive staff

Speaking of our consultants, our team is friendly, personable, and excited to help you grow as a substitute teacher.

We’ll be celebrating along with you when you have an amazing day and there to support you with constructive feedback for difficult days.

Your growth will be supplemented by our performance management system, which ensures all of our consultants know how to give proper feedback.

A lot of our consultants are also former teachers who can share their personal teaching experiences and advice. They’ll understand what you’re going through in the classroom.

Our education consultants work day in and day out to ensure your needs are met. This includes ensuring you’re happy & fulfilled with your assignments and feel prepared when you walk into the classroom.

Many teacher recruiting agencies don’t provide you with that level of attention, but at Scoot, we want you to feel supported.

5) Professional development

You’ll experience continuous professional growth when you work with Scoot.

When you become a Scoot sub, you’ll take part in ScootCamp, a free, mandatory training experience for new substitute teachers.

It covers critical topics to being a successful sub: trauma-informed teaching, classroom management for subs, and teaching in a special education setting.

In addition to ScootCamp, you’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your teaching skills with modules and webinars like how to become an anti-racist educator.

We’re always working on bigger and better PD opportunities as well! Feel free to let us know what kinds of other PD you want us to provide.

6) School partnerships

Educational staffing companies and teacher recruiting agencies are a 2-way street.

Not only do we form bonds with stellar educators, but we’ve also built and maintained strong relationships with school districts.

You’ll be connected with a wide range of teaching opportunities at public, charter, private, and religious schools.

You won’t be going to these schools as someone totally unknown. You’ve got us in your corner to vouch for you and your skills.

After subbing for our schools, you’ll have a higher chance of being offered a full-time teacher job at a school you love.

We’re continuing to expand and recently opened offices in Texas and Arizona. As we increase the number of districts we work with, you’ll get more opportunities.

7) Free swag

Everyone loves free goodies!

When you start subbing with us, we send you a professional lanyard and ID badge for your sub assignments.

You’ll also get $100 gift cards for every person you refer who works just 10 shifts with us through our referral program.

8) Shared mission

People are our entire reason for being.

We create genuine connections and live for stories of human impact. We foster environments where trust thrives so we can deliver on our commitments.

If you have what it takes, you will become an extension of our passionate, solutions-driven, dynamic team, helping us create exceptional experiences in education.

Together, we will strive to “BE GREAT” every day.

Apply to substitute teach with Scoot!