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Face masks and social distancing are still the norms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Halloween with your children!

Get into the festive mood with Halloween-themed face masks while still staying safe for the holidays.

1) sally’s stitched grin from nightmare before Christmas

This mask has the perfect balance between creepy and sweet just like the lovable character of Sally Finkelstein.
Buy this mask for $12.99.

2) star wars adjustable masks

These adjustable, washable Star Wars are great for any fan of the dark side. The whole family can be part of the Star Wars universe this Halloween (or really any part of the year)!
Shop the collection, 3 for $9.99.

3) winifred sanderson from hocus pocus

Channel some magical wickedness with this iconic look from Winifred Sanderson, the leader of a trio of witch sisters.
But if you’re considering Hocus Pocus for a family movie night, beware that it may be too spooky for some children!
But a mask certainly doesn’t hurt, 3 for $17.99.

4) wicked cool prints & patterns

A Seattle-based, renowned corset maker Period Corsets makes high-quality masks, including purr-fect designs for Halloween.
From toddler to big kid sizes and a few fits for adults, you can specify whether you want masks to be over the head or over the ear.
Buy in a set of three for $47.

5) adorably fierce dino mouth

This only comes in adult sizes, but your kids will get a kick out of seeing you in this goofy dino mask.
Become a dinosaur for $12.95.

6) shark attack

If you want an equally fierce alternative to the dinosaur, then how about shark jaws?
Find it here for $12.95.

7) perfect pumpkin

Keep it simple with this jack-o’-lantern mask that is sure to bring smiles.
Buy now for $9.99

8) vampire fangs

Spook your kids and amuse your friends with this adult-only face mask.
Reveal that you’re Count Dracula for $9.99.

9) wild leopard

You might already have animal prints sitting in your closet.
Why not bust them out with this leopard patterned face mask?
You can even keep wearing this after Halloween, too!
Look fierce for only $6.95.

11) the perfect mustache

These filtered masks let you sport a mustache at any age.
Whether it’s mommy, daddy, or the toddler, everyone can have matching caterpillars!
Grow a ‘stache overnight for $8.50.

12) animal faces

If your child loves animals, they’re guaranteed to love these animal masks!
Amazon has many options, for just $12.60.