How to Become a Substitute Teacher in Utah

We’re excited that you’re interested in substitute teaching in Utah! Utah school districts are currently struggling to fill classroom vacancies with the increasing teacher shortage, so your support is critical.

Being a substitute teacher comes with the freedom of a flexible schedule and great pay. You’ll consistently earn money without having to compromise your priorities. 

And for people who might be curious about a career in teaching, this is the perfect opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the classroom.

You won’t need any substitute teaching license, certification, or credential. As long as you have a high school diploma and pass a background check, you’re eligible to take substitute teaching positions in the state.

Table of contents:

  1. Step-by-step process to become a substitute teacher in Utah
  2. Benefits of teaching with a teacher agency
  3. Why substitute teach?

1. Step-by-step process to become a substitute teacher in Utah

Whether you become a substitute teacher with a specific school district or with a teacher recruiting agency like Scoot Education, the process is easy! You’ll need to:

  1. Have a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree
  2. Submit an application
  3. Complete a criminal background check

Step 1: Have a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree

A student shows her high school diploma/bachelor's degree

It’s required that every applicant has at least a high school diploma. However, while Utah doesn’t have strict education requirements, most school districts in Utah will prefer substitute teachers who hold bachelor’s degrees.

Depending on what the school or school district you apply to requires, you might have to submit your high school or college transcripts.

We still encourage you to apply even if you only hold a high school diploma. Each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, which ensures that everyone gets a fair chance when going into our applicant pool.

For people who have a bachelor’s degree, your degree can be in any subject. It doesn’t have to be related to education. 

Step 2: Submit an application 

Utah schools will each have their own version of the application and vetting process for substitute teachers. Once you know which school or school district you want to teach for, contact them or visit their website to review their process.

If you’re interested in becoming a substitute teacher with a teacher agency like Scoot Education, you just need to fill out one online application to sub at a variety of schools. Ready to sub with us? Apply today. We require each applicant to:

  1. Upload a form of government ID (e.g., a passport)
  2. Prove your authorization to work in the United States
  3. Submit three references. One of them must be a past or present supervisor. 

Step 3: Complete a background check

Schools in Utah require all prospective substitute teachers to get fingerprinted by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI). If you want to teach with a specific school, contact the office to find out what their specific procedures are.

Livescan form

If you’re applying to become a substitute teacher with Scoot Education, download, complete, and print this pre-approved livescan form. Make sure your form includes the code B2895 – if it doesn’t, we won’t be able to access your results. 

Where to get fingerprinted

Take the livescan form and drop it off at one of the locations listed on the YUP website

  1. Schedule an appointment via the website because walk-ins are often not possible. 
  2. On the next page, you’ll be asked which option/type of appointment you’d like to schedule. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll see an option specific to teachers. 
  3. From there, pick the day and time that suits you best. Once you’ve provided all your details, you’ll be able to confirm your appointment.

On the day, present the completed form and have your fingerprints taken at the location. Be sure to let the attendant know that you are with Scoot Education, as they will then charge the cost to our account – no out-of-pocket expense for you!

Keep your completed form, along with the receipt.

After completing these steps, you’ll be able to start teaching in Utah. Contact the schools or school districts you want to work for to find positions available for you.

If you applied through Scoot, you’ll go through our onboarding process first before we start setting you up with teaching positions.

2. Substitute teaching with an agency makes your life easier

We want to make sure that you feel completely supported in your work. At Scoot, you’ll:

  1. Have access to your own Scoot consultant, an experienced expert who can answer all your questions. Whether you need help becoming a substitute or need advice when teaching, your Scoot consultant has your back!
  2. Get exclusive access to Scoot Camp, our voluntary teacher preparation program that helps educators feel prepared for success in the classroom. This free professional development covers three important subjects:
    1. Behavior management
    2. Special education
    3. Trauma-informed teaching
  3. Be in full control of your schedule with our app Scoot2Work. We have no availability minimum so you can work as much or as little as you want!
  4. Enjoy weekly pay every Friday via direct deposit straight into your bank account!

In short, substitute teachers are in high demand everywhere, making this the perfect field to start working in immediately.

3. Why substitute teach?

Substitute teacher teaching at a local school district

Utah school districts are currently suffering from teacher shortages and struggling to fill vacancies. So there’s a HUGE demand for them.

Make a difference in your community

Substitute teachers are incredibly valuable to their school districts and students.

When teachers have to call out of work, substitute teachers like you help keep schools open.

Even if you only see your students for a day, you become an essential person who helps keep their education on track.

Learn transferable job skills

Whether you want to be in education long-term or are subbing in between jobs, substitute teaching can help you expand your resume.

As a sub, you will pick up on valuable career skills such as public speaking, thinking on your feet, and problem solving. These skills will help you no matter where you go in your career.

Create your own schedule

You can decide which assignments you want to take and which days you want to take off. This flexibility allows you to continue managing your other responsibilities and hobbies!

Earn extra money

This goes hand-in-hand with creating your own schedule. Since you can choose the hours and days you would like to work, you can easily substitute teach as a side gig.

Have fun everyday

In contrast to a regular 9-5 office job, substitute teaching comes with new, exciting adventures everyday. Different teaching assignments can bring you to new schools, students, and peers, giving you the opportunity to learn something new everyday!

Ready to sub with Scoot Education? 

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