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I’m a current school partner and need to request an educator ASAP. Do I use the Scoot2Book?

If you’re making a last-minute request in the morning, please call your local office so they can assist you immediately.

What do I need to become a substitute educator in my area?

Please check out our how-to guides if you’re looking to teach in an area that we operate in.

As a Scoot educator, am I a W-2 employee?

All Scoot educators are W-2 employees of Scoot Education Inc or Scoot HQ LLC. This means that our staff have tax withheld and are eligible for:

  • State unemployment insurance
  • State disability insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance

You will receive a W-2 annually and if needed you can adjust W-4 tax withholding settings via our payroll provider.

I already work with a district or another substitute agency. Can I still work with Scoot?

Absolutely! Many of our educators complete assignments with districts and companies in addition to their Scoot assignments. We’re happy to work around your schedule and increase your employment opportunities.

But please keep in mind that any confirmation and communication about Scoot assignments needs to go through your local Scoot office.