Scoot 2 Work

Scoot 2 Work lets you set your daily or recurring availability, check-in as ready for work, and access professional development all in one place.

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How to: Let Scoot know when you’re Ready2Work

Subs who are Ready2Work are contacted first for last-minute vacancies. Ready2Work means that you’re ready to leave your house within five minutes of accepting an assignment.

  • Step 1: On the Home screen select I’m up and Ready2Work today

  • Step 2: You’re now set as Ready2Work (yep it’s that easy!)

  • Ready2Work status resets at 4am every day

Setting yourself as Ready2Work is the fastest way to be offered work


How to: Set your daily availability

Let Scoot know which days you’re available or not available to teach. Scoot will not contact you on days that you’re set to not available.

  • Step 1: Select My Availability from the menu

  • Step 2: Select the day(s) to change availability from Available, Not Available, or partial availability

  • If you’re partially available, choose Set by Hours

Let us know when you’re not available to work so we don’t bother you


How to: Set your recurring availability

You can easily set your recurring availability if there are days you can’t work every week.

  • Step 1: Select My Availability from the menu

  • Step 2: Select day(s) to change recurring availability

  • Step 3: Press Update Days Available

  • Step 4: Review the calendar to ensure your availability has been updated correctly

Remember that Mondays and Fridays are the busiest days of the week