Schedule a sub in two easy ways.

When you partner with Scoot Education, you’ll be able to book subs quickly and easily.


Our school partners can manage substitute teacher requests in two ways.

By using our Scoot 2 Book app

Our easy-to-use tech is available on both desktop and mobile. Need help using it? Watch the videos below.

By calling your local office

We recommend using the app to both place and edit your bookings, but you can call us for last-minute changes.

How to schedule substitute teacher bookings.

  • To schedule a sub, select “Create Bookings.”

    Upon logging into the app, you’ll see this option in the menu bar.

  • Provide as much detail as you can.

    You’ll need to provide the location, times, teacher classification, grades, classroom number, and any special notes.

  • Submit your booking!

    Once you’ve filled out the form entries, hit “Submit Booking” and you’re all set!

How to leave feedback for your substitute teachers.

  • Option 1: Quick feedback

    A simple 5-star rating scale. You can also indicate whether or not you prefer that a sub return to your school.

  • Option 2: Full feedback

    There is a button right underneath the Quick Feedback option that allows you to write out your full feedback for a sub.

  • All feedback is confidential

    Any feedback you give to a substitute can only be shared with that particular sub through a consultant.

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