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Join the Unicorn Teacher Network

Get treated like the unicorn teacher you are! Our free UTN is an exclusive network of elite teachers vetted by Scoot. We promote members to our partner schools when a relevant vacancy opens. After being submitted for open positions, Scoot advocates on behalf of members throughout the hiring process! Members also get invited to special events and access to digital content.


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Less time searching, more time teaching.

Perks of the Unicorn Network

If you’re accepted into Scoot’s Unicorn Teacher Network you’ll get access to these exciting perks!

How it works

1. Apply

Submit your information and resume.

2. Interview

If you match our criteria, we’ll schedule an interview where you’ll share your teaching pedagogy, school preferences, and overall needs. We want to know everything!

3. References & documents

We’ll collect your references and necessary documents to vet you, so we can brag about how awesome you are to our partner schools!

4. Woo hoo!

Enjoy exclusive special events and access to relevant jobs at top schools as they become available.

5. Submit your profile to vacancies

No need to fuss with cover letters or resumes, we’ll pitch you like a sports agent pitches NBA superstars whenever a matching position comes up! If a school selects you to interview for a position, we’ll connect you and coach you through the whole process! 

6. Enjoy your new classroom!

Start your new teaching position knowing you’re the right teacher in the right classroom. 

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