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Scoot Education is hiring an exceptional Paraprofessionals in Phoenix and surrounding suburbs.

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Dave Bress California, State Director
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Scoot Education is hiring Paraprofessionals for several partner schools. We have opportunities for SPED Paraprofessionals as well as GenEd Paraprofessionals. Join us in working to achieve our mission of creating exceptional experiences in education.
Having been established in California for four school years, and grown to have multiple offices and regions up and down the state, we are excited to be expanding to Arizona to extend our impact within school communities across the US, and specifically special education students within Phoenix and AZ.
Check out our website – – to learn more about us, and why you should consider becoming part of the Scoot team.

  • value learning above all else
  • put students first and celebrate their success
  • possess a growth mindset and empathetic nature


  • make all decisions based on our mission and BE GREAT values
  • talk to our educators daily because we care about them
  • listen to your needs + preferences before matching you with assignments

A successful Special Education Teacher will:

  • Attend to the needs of students within the classroom
  • Support the efforts of the General Education Teacher and/or the Special Education Teacher.
  • Be comfortable with attending to the needs of students in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)

You’ll need to provide the following education & licensing requirements:

  • AZ IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card


  • Associates Degree


  • 60 credit hours at a college or university


  • A Paraprofessional Certification

Why you’ll enjoy working with Scoot:

  • Direct deposits weekly
  • Flexible work schedule – no minimum commitment so you decide when to work
  • Devoted, awesome Consultants providing personalized support
  • Invitations to happy hours + social events

About Scoot:

  • People are our entire reason for being. We’re an educational staffing company specializing in helping educators–for free!
  • We are tech-driven, but human-enabled. We’re local, but come with 15+ years of global expertise. We understand urgency, value diversity, and we have heart.
  • We are dedicated to helping create exceptional experiences in education.
  • We care about developing meaningful relationships with you and the community as well as striving to “BE GREAT” every day.

Our “BE GREAT” values are: belief, exceptional, growth, relationships, empower, attitude, team.

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